MEISEI Tools LLC is a precision tool company based in Newbury Park, CA. They have a rich history grounded in exquisite Japanese design, and their patented HOTWEEZERS are used by aerospace engineers the world over. I worked with MEISEI to completely rebrand the company. I designed and layed a new logo, a new website, and photographed their products both in the workshop where they make each precision instrument by hand, as well as in the studio.
MEISEI wanted to emphasize the fact that their tools were made in the U.S.A., so I took inspiration from well known tool brands for their new logo.
We went with the above design for their new logo. MEISEI appreciated how bold, yet friendly the logo was. Also, they liked that the hexagon underneath the company name subtly referenced their most popular product, HOTWEEZERS.

We went through a few different versions of their homepage before landing on this design. While designing the new homepage. All of the product photography on the site was shot and edited by me.
Again, MEISEI wanted to emphasize the fact that their products are handmade in the U.S.A. I went with a red white and blue color scheme that wasn't overbearingly patriotic, and used the Interstate font family across the site. Interstate is the same font used for all traffic signs on American highways.
I then used the approved homepage design to wireframe the rest of the site.
Lastly, I went to MEISEI's facility to photograph their products, and then took a few samples back to the studio to be photographed in a light box.
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